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Give access to your localhost to anyone, share your localhost content

Somedays ago I had to show a website to one of my Client that I was developing on localhost, so I tried to find an easy way, but most of the way is very hard to setup. So finally I got an easy way, so I’m sharing this in my blog in case some need the same.

So here is to follow:

At first download this software for your computer: ngrok – download

Install >> RUN.

You will see something like below:

Now just type the command, in my case, it’s: ngrok.exe http 80

Just type it and press Enter.

Now you will see something like this:

You can share the link with anyone and they will able to see your local host.

Now if your website hosted on WP folder. Just send the URL like:

NOTE: Only 2 people can access to your localhost at a time and if you close this (CMD) window. Your link will not work anymore. So keep it open when you someone accessing your localhost.
Hope this help!

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