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10 online life Hacks for internet users, can learn in a minute or less

Got a question on quora and thought to write an answer and here is what I was written.


Here are some online hacks, you can use in your daily life to increase productivity and save time. Work smarter not harder! I often use these in my daily online life:

  1. Use same Gmail address on the same website for unlimited times by inserting dots (periods) in your email address. Just use like this: If your email address is, you can use email like or or and goes on. Don’t worry! Emails are sent to these address will receive in your inbox.
  2. Followed by above trick, if your email address contains any dot, you can just remove it from your email address and it will still work fine. Like if you have you can simply use and still you will receive the email in your inbox.
  3. Stay Focused – Always get distracted by social media notification or other time-wasting websites ? just use this chrome extension: StayFocusd. It will increase your productivity by limiting the amount of time that you can spend on time-wasting websites.
  4. Instant Translate – Got a new word in any post or article, don’t know it’s meaning ? just translate it in your primary language just by double clicking on it using this extension: translator, dictionary, and voice for English, Spanish, Chinese and 100+ languages (translator, dictionary and voice for English, Spanish, Chinese and 100+ languages). Also available for Android, iOS, MacOS.
  5. Often do spelling and grammar mistakes in writing? – Use Grammarly it will check your spelling and grammar as you type and give suggestions to improve your writing skills. This is the tool that helps me to write. As I’m bad in writing.
  6. This page is not responding in Chrome – Got this message and chrome got freeze? instead of closing the entire browser just kill the culprit. Press Shift+esc key and select the tab and click on end process. Also, check which tab/website is taking high memory, CPU and kill that if no needed.
  7. Temp email/ Phone number – Use temporary email address to register on untrusted websites or time wasting websites which required registration to use the service. Also, do same for SMS verification. Here is some websites: temp email and Temporary SMS
  8. Subscribed to too many email list or get too many newsletters, offer emails? find and unsubscribe easily with this website: Unsubscribe from emails, instantly.
  9. Mirror your phone notification with your computer – make your multi-screen life easier and more focused on helping you access and manage your phone from any computer, anywhere. You can send SMS, view app notifications, transfer files and fully control your phone on computer, there are many apps, I use AirDroid, You can check others here: The 7 Best Free Alternatives
  10. Work smarter, not harder. Focus on saving yourself time while completing tasks, instead of staying up all night. The more focused you are the smarter you will work.

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